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Love my Kahlo in scarlet

Truly the most beautiful watch I’ve ever owned. It it admired by all who see it, and everybody who hears the story wants to go on and get one. I’m so pleased to have been an original kickstarter for this beautiful product and couldn’t be more pleased with the final result.

Hopefully, a nursing fob watch (I suggest, “The Nightingale”), might be considered somewhere in the future for we nurses who need the second hand but aren’t meant to wear wrist watches? Goodness knows what colour I would choose with such a beautiful palette range.

Thank you, Suffragette, you have well exceeded expectations and made me very happy xxxx

Pankhurst in Violet watch review

Hi Suffragette, I am absolutely stoked with my purchase, I love the colour purple, and am a staunch feminist. Notwithstanding this, my entire wardrobe revolves around various shades of black, grey, violet, purple and green..... and I haven't had this watch off my wrist since purchase, absolutely love it. Thank you... I'm a big fan xo

Perfect product

Perfect watch, Quick delivery. Very very nice.
Thanks a lot.

A feel good company

Each step of my customer journey with Suffragette has been remarkable. From the easy to use website, to the customer service team that went above and beyond to help me, to the speedy delivery service and finally the quality of the product. My watch is astonishingly beautiful and the quality looks and feels expensive. I recommend this company to all

Comfortable and classy

The quick release interchangeable band makes it easy to fit my watch to the perfect position. I picked the free turquoise fabric band to go with the mesh and I love wearing both depending on the occasion. The watch overall is comfortable and classy. And its great to be part of a brand that gives back to the world through its charity partners. Thanks, Mia

Colourful little gem

My new watch makes me feel so happy every time I look at it, the Colourful yellow enamel really brightens up my day and I am also delighted by the quality of my purchase. The stainless steel feels expensive and not cheap like some of the other products on the market right now...

Feels great to be a part of this forward thinking brand

It's great to be part of a forward thinking company that invests resource in social change and supports causes that make our world a better place. I look forward to following your progress over the coming months. Your branding is spot on and I’m in love with my new watch x


I take my hat off to the Suffragette Team, you have surpassed all my expectation. Fantastic product and great customer service! Love being able to choose my band colour for whichever day I feel. I have turquoise, scarlet, and stone colored bands.

Delivery was easy and fast

I ordered mine from overseas and I was surprised when it arrived within 2 working days standard delivery. As you can see, the watch is very beautiful and the bold colored enamel dial means that I am the envy of all my colleagues and friends!

Quick release fabric bands add another dimension

The interchangeable bands add another dimension to this watch. I took advantage of the free stone band offer and it means I can change up my look depending on the occasion. Whatever the occasion this watch really is to die for so I'm very satisfied with my purchase


So happy that the new Kahlo designs have finally arrived in store. I've been waiting several months for these designs and it great that the product team at Suffragette have listened to my feedback. Good on you!


After looking for a stylish new watch for a while and stumbled across this wonderful boutique store through a friend. I've never seen such a beautiful arrangement of color, style, and invention. My purple design radiates confidence and happiness and I am the total envy of colleagues, friends, and passers by.... :-)

Unique and priceless

I've been looking for a navy watch for ages and was pleasantly surprised to come across this little boutique. Everyone I meet asks me about my watch and the happiness I get in telling them about this enterprise is priceless. I am a big fan. Suz

Shipping process was super quick

I live in New York and I received my watch within 48 hours through express post. The delivery was fully trackable online and super easy. I was delighted by the beautiful packaging and then the impressive quality of the watch. The enamel dial are engravings are gorgeous too. I’m in love with this brand and what they are doing!

Great service

Thanks to Laura in the customer service team for going above and behind to help me, you're the best.

Good watch

High quality product and fast delivery, thank you

More than a watch company

Love the donations to womens charities and the "why" behind this brand. Wish more companies followed suit and used their resources to help others!

Words cant describe how cool this watch is

Colorful, fun, stylish, sleek, comfortable, minimal, unique, classy, quality. I could go on!

A stand out purchase

This watch stands head and shoulders above other watches that I have owned. From ease of ordering, to customer service, to delivery, and most importantly quality of product. Even the packaging is high quality. The navy dial is elegant and radiates sophistication.

Quality is Remarkable

The quality of my new watch is truly remarkable. From the watch materials to the packaging – the intricate detail of the design is exquisite, including the little engravings on the case and crown. Very impressed.

Bought for a friend

I bought this for a friend and she absolutely loves it. We got her the navy interchangeable band too and its total winner!

A great watch

Very classy watch. Would like a couple of the other colours

Pankhurst in Turquoise

Everytime I look at my watch it makes me happy. I just love it so much. I really want another one but what colour??? I've had so many comments about it and I'm spreading the love!


I absolutely adore my Pankhurst in Scarlet watch! I would much rather wear a watch than use my phone to tell the time, but have struggled to find a watch I liked as everything seems to be so large and tacky these days. I fell in love with the simple elegance of Suffragette watches and especially love wearing my watch with the silver wristband. Its beautiful, classy and I hardly ever take it off!

Bought for a Friend

I love these watches so much that this one was for my girlfriend! I have my own in beautiful turquoise with silver band. Good cause and beautiful product!

“Suffragette’s contribution sends a powerful message of solidarity to women living in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Thank you for standing with women survivors of war at this critical time.” – Sara Bowcutt, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications at Women for Women International - UK

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